Piston Assembly Operations

Piston Assembly Operations


Piston - pin products are meticulously tested and checked, matched and lubricated with preservative oils, then packaged. The piston - pin color application applied by some other manufacturers was not required by our company. The trend is in this direction. The pistons and pins coming out of the same box during assembly must be installed on the same cylinders. Piston installation directions must be made according to the markings on them.


The pins supplied with the pistons are also manufactured in the specifications specified in their standards in terms of both material and tolerance. The bearing tolerances on the connecting rod and the pin slots on the piston are directly influenced by the working performance, which can vary according to each piston and is determined by experience. The tight fit applied in the past has been replaced by soft or light fit with its production quality and precision. In no case should the pins be inserted into and removed by force. If they are made in the upper dimension group, the pin housing may need to be heated, as this will be a tight fit. In addition, tight fitting to the connecting rods must be made carefully using auxiliary equipment. Pin safety rings are also put into their packages according to their type and dimensions.

piston ring

The segments must not be forced open in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer to form permanent deformations. This will both damage the cylinder and reduce engine efficiency. The segments must be placed at suitable angles with respect to each other and their number.


The pistons, which are produced by our factory, can be easily assembled to sleeves and connecting rods which are manufactured in accordance with their needs without any additional processing. Any possible chips and particles such as engine block, cylinder, drill, crank, cylinder head etc. should be cleaned carefully before assembly.

Lubricants can become dry and dull due to long waiting. In this case, the piston and pin must be cleaned with cleaning fluids and re-lubricated. The motor should be run with 70 - 80% power and engine speed.

The oil and oil filter must be replaced in a timely manner, in accordance with the instructions.