About Us

About Us

MOGESAN started its operations in 1994 in Konya Motor Vehicles Industrial zone with the production of cylinder liners for internal combustion engines with limited facilities in its workshop scale operation. In 1999, Mogesan moved to Zafer industrial zone and continued its activities. Because Mogesan cannot respond to the growing demands due to the fact that the factory in which it is located is not enough, Mogesan has increased its production area from 250 m² to 600 m². In 2001, Mogesan increased its manufacturing area to 1000 m² and started manufacturing Pistons. In a short time, a rapid growth in Piston production was achieved. In 2003, Mogesan moved to Konya 1. Organized Industrial zone and put its production into operation in its new region with an area of 7500 m². In mid-2013, which has an even larger area, moved to Konya 2. Organized Industry and increased its factory area to 12.000 m². At the beginning of 2017, Mogesan moved to its factory in Konya 2. Organized Industrial zone, where it is still operating, and increased its factory limits to 30.000 m².

MOGESAN Engine Liner Piston Ind. Trade. Co. Ltd. produces 340.000 Pistons and 180.000 engine liners annually. It exports 75% of its piston and motor liners directly and indirectly to abroad and markets the rest of its products domestically. Our products which are appreciated by our customers in domestic and foreign markets are exported to more than 80 countries, especially Middle East and Africa.

Our organization, aiming to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction without compromising quality, continues to improve its technical facilities and increase its production capacity depending on customer requests, technological developments and increase in orders.

MOGESAN established and implemented the TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System in 2005. In 2010, Mogesan also implemented new quality revisions and established the TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certificate system, to increase sales share in domestic market and official-legal organizations. TS 1106 (piston-aluminum alloy-for gasoline and diesel engines), TS 482 (internal combustion engines cylinder liners) the standard has been certified and continues to be implemented.

In our company, quality control is applied in all stages from raw material entry to shipment in order to ensure product production in accordance with the specified conditions.

The competence, awareness and training of our employees are continuously increased and production and service are provided completely.

MOGESAN; As a result of these developments, we will continue to offer our customers products with quality features stipulated by national and international standards. and the satisfaction of our employees will be increased.

MOGESAN aims to be a world brand in the 21st century with the continuity of product quality and the importance it attaches to customer satisfaction.