Gomlek Assembly Operations

Shirt Assembly Process
Produced Shirts:
- Dry Shirt
-There are two types as aqueous shirt.
Liners produced by centrifugal casting method must be produced in accordance with the specifications of the original engine manufacturer. A type graphite structure and phosphite distribution work in harmony with the segments of other piston ring manufacturers. Cylinder liners are precision machined parts and are therefore very sensitive to impacts. Care must be taken when handling, unpacking and attaching to the engine. Always keep it upright in storage and keep it in a humid environment.

Assembling of aqueous shirts

The cylinder block must be thoroughly cleaned before installation. First, the shirt should be worn without rubber, it should be checked whether it can enter easily and then the shirt should be worn by applying liquid soap to the orings. After fitting, check the flange height and inner diameter.

Assembling of Dry Shirts

Before installation, the block should be cleaned very well, the diameter of the slot through which the sleeve will pass should be checked, then the hydraulic press should be passed to the block between 3000 kg and 5000 kg force, then grinding and honing should be done in a way that does not change axis and the internal diameters should be measured at 20 oC.

Dry Shirt (Standard)

Tolerance applied for outer and inner liners:

For Block Diameter (fB): +0.015 mm


Block Flange Diameter (fA): +0.025 mm


For Block Flange Depth (C): +0.00 mm